Riohs Show 2019: a night to array trained fashion designers and creators

Riohs Show 2019: a night to array trained fashion designers and creators

Riohs Originate will be hosting some great fashion designers at the Accra Digital Centre on September 7, 2019.

This leading-edge concept avails space to present students who underwent the Riohs Originate 6 months fashion design course and are creating their own paths channelling strength, eccentricity and endurance.

Dubbed the Riohs Show 2019, the night will be a blend of opera, poetry, live music and lively runway artistry communicating unique lifestyle and the desire for self–expression under the sizzling theme: standing out.

Some of Ghana’s best runway models will exhibit various designs from graduates of Riohs Originate. These uniquely cut and stitched patterns stylized into cutting-edge costumes making trips on the runway will be accompanied by beautiful opera, poetry and live music.

The show will be directed by Richard Ohene Sika, the celebrity fashion design instructor, singer, poet and talents manager at Riohs Originate.

Richard has worked with several fashion schools and nurtured the top tier of designers Ghana can boast of including Huda (official stylist for Wendy Shay), Amina De Mayotte, Elikem the Tailor, Sima Brew, Quophi Akotuah GH, Quame Owusu and Nadrey Laurent.

Others are Gina Akala, Actress Pascaline Edwards, Avonsige, Brenda Dzandu, Steven Djorbua, Dacoster, Nadia Ibrahim and Maud by Dianne.

His successful approach is birthed out of manifesting culture such as dedication, professionalism and attention to detail.

Richard is rated Ghana’s most influential and accomplished young business leader in Fashion under age 40 and ranked in the list of Ghana’s 30 most influential people in fashion this year.

He was the Production Manager of Accra Fashion Week 2018.

About Riohs Originate

Riohs Originate is a creative art service and training company in Accra providing services and training for individuals/organisations.

It is famously known for its proficient plan which enables students to graduate after just 6 months of training in fashion design and illustration with the necessary skills like sensitivity to image, style and colour influenced by accuracy and consistency.

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