Money, good life can never make you happy- Counsellor to women

Money, good life can never make you happy- Counsellor to women

Relationship activist, Counsellor and Actress, Deborah N. Diamond is calling on women to discard the erroneous impression that money and good life is the most important aspect of life for one to live meaningfully.

According to her, having money and a good life is not the only solution to the problem of a woman but rather cultivating a good relationship with a man who is willing to provide absolute care, protect and offer the fullest support in times of need.

Miss Diamond revealed on Accra-based ETV that every woman needs a man no matter what the case since God also created women to support men and make life easier and comfortable for both sexes.

She insisted that women should not be deceived by various malicious and baseless assumptions that all they need in life is money and a good life.

“Make no one lie to you that as a woman all you need is money and a good life. You need some serious kind of romance not necessarily sex but a constant companionship, love, care, and attention” she said.

She stressed that companionship is one of the essential things every woman needs in order to have a stable mind to pursue her dreams reiterating neither a woman nor a man can live alone without companionship.

To this end, she urged people to eschew the idea that good life is dependent only on is about money and focus on how to nurture and sustain their relationships by looking out for a partner who understands them beyond their physical appearance

Source: Kwame Kyei/2022

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